Pain for Pleasure in the video of the same name

Pain For Pleasure are Sum 41's alter-ego band. Musically, their sound was closer to hair metal bands of the 1980s than Sum 41's pop-punk. With the departures of lead guitarist Dave Baksh and drummer Steve Jocz in 2006 and 2013, respectively, Pain for Pleasure have effectively disbanded. However, Baksh returned to the band in 2015 and Pain for Pleasure reunited under the alias T'aint for Pleasure with Tom Thacker replacing Jocz as vocalist and Frank Zummo taking up drums.

History Edit

Pain for Pleasure were a hair metal band from Scotland. Their debut single came out in 1987 and went to the top of the British charts. However, not long after the single's release, the band broke up. They reunited 15 years later to play their first live show [1]

Following the possible death of Pain (who was believed to have been drowned in a bowl of cereal and whiskey), the band continued under the alias T'aint for Pleasure with T'aint as lead vocalist. After a tragic drumming accident that saw Gunner rupture and expel one of his testicals on-stage, he took up rhythm guitar. New recruit, El Dildo, replaced him on drums.[2]


Each member of Sum 41 had an alter-ego name for their involvement in both Pain For Pleasure and T'aint for Pleasure.

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Pleasure toasting Pain's (possible) ashes


Pain For Pleasure have a release on each of Sum 41's first three releases, as well as a release on a film soundtrack.