Does This Look Infected Too?
Does This Look Infected Too
Artist(s) Sum 41
Release Date May 19, 2003
Label Universal (Japan)
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Does This Look Infected?

Does This Look Infected Too? is Sum 41's first live album, it came out in 2003.


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Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Mr. Amsterdam" Deryck Whibley
2. "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)" Whibley
3. "No Brains" Whibley
4. "The Hell Song" Whibley
5. "Still Waiting" Whibley



  • The album's name is an obvious pun to their 2002 studio album Does This Look Infected?.
  • In the Does This Look Infected? cover Steve Jocz is dressed up as a zombie. In this cover they do the same but instead of Jocz it is Deryck Whibley who is dressed up.

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