Does This Look Infected?
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected
Artist(s) Sum 41
Release Date November 26, 2002
Length 31:14
39:18 (UK Edition)
Label Aquarius (Canada)
Island/Mercury (US)
Producer(s) Greig Nori
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All Killer No Filler
Single 1 Still Waiting
Date November 18, 2002
Single 2 The Hell Song
Date February 10, 2003
Single 3 Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
Date June 23, 2003

Does This Look Infected? is an album by Sum 41. It was released on November 26, 2002 on Island Records.


Even though there is relatively little cursing on the album, it is the only Sum 41 album with a parental advisory sticker on it. It was released in 2 versions, an explicit version and a clean version. The cover for Does This Look Infected? features Steve Jocz dressed up as a zombie. The cover was chosen months before the title was. The album was almost delayed by the label because the band members did not have a name for it on time. Deryck suddenly thought of the name Does This Look Infected?; the whole band laughed at the idea and chose it as their album title. The unedited version includes a bonus DVD, "Cross The T's and Gouge Your I's". The DVD has footage of Sum 41's alter ego band, "Pain for Pleasure", titled "Reign In Pain", and various humorous segments like "Going Going Gonorrhea", "Campus Invasion" and "Pizza Heist and Other Crap". Also included in the DVD are the Pain for Pleasure tracks "Reign In Pain" and "WWVII Parts 1 & 2", the Autopilot Off songs "Long Way to Fall" and "Nothing Frequency", the No Warning songs "Short Fuse" and "Ill Blood" and some weblinks. "Food" and "" were working titles for the song "No Brains." The song "Still Waiting" was featured in the Horror-Action game "Obscure.", along with several other Sum 41 songs.

A.N.I.C. stands for "Anna Nicole is a Cunt". During live shows, Deryck states "This song is called 'Anna Nicole Smith is a Fucking Stupid cunt!'". Instrumentally, this is one of the band's heaviest songs.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Hell Song" Sum 41 3:18
2. "Over My Head (Better Off Dead)" Sum 41 2:29
3. "My Direction" Sum 41 2:02
4. "Still Waiting" Sum 41 2:28
5. "A.N.I.C." Sum 41 0:37
6. "No Brains" Sum 41 2:46
7. "All Messed Up" Sum 41 2:44
8. "Mr. Amsterdam" Sum 41 2:56
9. "Thanks for Nothing" Sum 41 3:04
10. "Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid" Sum 41 2:32
11. "Billy Spleen" Sum 41 2:32
12. "Hooch" Sum 41 3:28
UK bonus track
No. Title Writer(s) Length
15. "Reign In Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree)" Sum 41 2:55
15. "WWVII Parts 1 & 2" Sum 41 5:09